The popularity of shows like Mad Men has ignited our love for this decade - the décor, the fashion and the lifestyle - so much so that homewares stores are creating their own reproduction furniture lines that encapsulate this style. From the early part of the decade to the vibrant and colourful patterns and designs of the late 60s, this era has something for everyone.


Feature Furniture


Usher in your love for this decade with some feature furniture in some classic styles from the era. For the 60s, there are many furniture makers who are borrowing style elements from the best design houses of the 60s century such as Eames, Wagner and Featherstone. You will not have trouble sourcing something that look original either online or in-store. Or you could visit a vintage store and purchase the real thing.



Pattern and Colour


The 60s was without a doubt one of our most colourful decades in home décor. The bold patterns and bright hues reflected the era's experimentalism in art and design. From cool and contemporary minimalist geometric artwork to attention-grabbing psychedelic drapes and rugs, the aim was to push the boundaries in every way! Tie-dye, paisley and ethnic prints were incredibly popular as were floral patterns in clashing colours.


International Influence


The early 60s embraced the exoticism of Asia and its refined design. Bamboo room dividers and silk cushions could be found in groovy living areas looking out onto Japanese-inspired gardens, while seagrass wallpaper complemented pretty soft furnishings with blossoms and orchids. Likewise, Middle Eastern or Indian rugs and other soft furnishings could be found in many homes that exuded an earthy, hippy atmosphere.


Back to the Future


The 60s saw the first man step foot on the moon in 1969, and this momentous occasion had everyone in a buzz about outer space and rockets. This futuristic fascination extended to home style, where metallic colours and progressive design influenced the home's furnishings. Think pod-shaped chairs, metal and glass, and lava and fibre-optic lamps.



Get the look...

• A feature chair or other piece of furniture in a classic 60s style can be easily sourced from contemporary furniture makers or vintage shops.

• Bold patterns and colours are synonymous with the 60s. Don't be shy - experiment with the multitude of designs for your own home décor.

• Many international styles influenced home décor in the 60s such as Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern homewares.

• The first man on the moon in 1969 had an enormous influence on interior design in the 60s and futuristic materials transcended to the home for a sleek look.


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