Boots and coats by the door, a roaring fire in the living room and the smell of freshly baked bread coming from a kitchen where an old wooden dining table is just waiting for friends and family to gather. These are just some of the things that contribute to a quintessential farmhouse. Even if you live in an urban environment, this style is so easy to achieve. With just a few carefully chosen pieces you can be living and breathing the good country life in no time at all.

The Wonder of Wood

A classic farmhouse would not be possible without the rustic beauty of natural wood. The warm tones and tactile surfaces of wood give it a homely and truly comfortable feel that is down-to-earth and welcoming. Think wooden benches in the kitchen, an ample wooden mantle and a big farmhouse table - worn and weathered wood can be seen all over a farm-style home. Wood can also be used with subtlety in painted panelling, which is a beautiful choice for this style.

Heart of the Home

The heart of the home has got to be the kitchen and this is more than definitely the case in a farmhouse. Make this space relaxed and welcoming by keeping it a little less streamlined with a mix of doors and open shelving with plates on display - especially the Royal Doulton. A pot rack above the island with your pots and pans dangling for easy access is another welcome addition to the farmhouse kitchen, and, of course, that old farmhouse table, where everyone can sit with a big pot of tea and some homemade scones.

Lighting by Design

There's no particular style of lighting that is the most desirable for a farmhouse, but some styles do work better than others. Anything vintage - chandeliers, pendants and lamps - add to the rustic charm. Cloth-covered lamps are soft and cosy - just perfect for a comfortable space where you can put your feet up at the end of the day and sit by the fire reading a book under lamplight. Using rusted metal pendants over the island bench in the kitchen is also a great choice.

Farmhouse Flair

The last-minute touches such as a wooden milk crate that can become a side table, old wooden ladders for hanging towels in the bathroom, tin jugs for vases, and baskets everywhere achieve an atmosphere of laid-back and casual farmhouse flair. It's the little touches that offer you and your guests visual interest and a casual air reminiscent of a big old country abode.

Get the look . . .

  • The warm tones and rustic charm of wood is a must in a farm-style house. Use natural wood wherever you can to achieve the look.
  • Make your kitchen the heart of the home with casual and earthy styling such as open shelving and a big old farmhouse table.
  • Your choice of lighting will add greatly to the sense of rural living in your home. Go for vintage pendants and cloth-covered shades for table lamps.
  • Small styling touches such as a tin vase or a wooden ladder to hang your towels in the bathroom are the perfect choice to add farmhouse flair.

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