Your kitchen is the hub of the home - a place to eat, socialize and sometimes even work. Dare we say it's the most important room in the house? Kitchens can also be tricky rooms to decorate with their utilitarian surfaces for food prep and water resistance, as well as the need for essential cupboard space and storage. But whether you are renting or renovating your own home; whether you have a small galley kitchen or a large open space with an island bench the size of a billiard table, you can let your kitchen reflect your true style by adding your own personal touches. Your choice of materials, colour and décor will turn this functional space into a place that truly becomes the heart of the home.



Make it Pop


It is recommended to use around three different materials for your kitchen - one each for the cabinetry, splashback and benchtops. This golden rule allows you maximum flexibility with the decorative elements of your kitchen design such as pendant lamps, bar stools, and other items that may be visible - canisters, a cool coffee machine or kettle, or a gorgeous crockery selection. Have fun choosing and displaying your kitchenalia. You can complement your basic kitchen surfaces with similar tones if you like a minimalist look, or else bright pops of colour.



A Soft Touch


With all those electrical goods and hard prep surfaces it's nice to be able to add a soft touch with a selection of beautiful tea towels and napery. There are some fantastic tea-towel designs available with gorgeous printed artwork and fun slogans. Some are so good you may even consider framing them! If your kitchen includes the dining room, then a large, beautifully patterned tablecloth or placemats can offer a delicate contrast to the hard woods, stone, laminate and steel of kitchen cupboards and benchtops.


Now You See It, Now You Don't!


Of course a kitchen wouldn't be a kitchen without the mess. No matter how beautiful this space looks when the dishwasher has just been stacked, it will inevitably end up covered in equipment, food and dirty plates at least three times a day. Explore inexpensive storage solutions to help you keep your kitchen looking as tidy as you can. Even if you cook in a space the size of a cupboard, there are still options. Canisters, baskets, simple wooden crates and patterned boxes are not only visually interesting but also hold anything from potatoes to toasters and can be used in addition to other modular furniture such as rollaway butcher's blocks and pull-out pantries.


Get the look...

• Use bright bar stools, canisters or appliances to give your kitchen colour and interest.

• Soften the hard edge of prep surfaces in wood and stone with the lightness of linen and cotton in tea towels and tablecloths. Look out for fun and artistic designs.

• Let your storage be part of your kitchen decoration with colourful boxes, baskets, canisters and crates.


We recommend...

- Sabichi - 2 Slice Toaster - Purple

- Havana Hombre by C.J Trim - Panels - 92cm - Moon Stamps

- Ball Clock


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Written by:

Katie Evans – Milan Direct