Milan Direct Making an Entrance

When you open the door to your home, what do you see? Make a great impression with these top tips for sprucing up your hall or entrance room; offer guests a sense of the home’s style and ensure household members have a good place to pass notes, keep keys and spare change, and do one last check in a lovely bold mirror before heading out the door.

Sneak Peek

The entrance to your home is a chance to give visitors a bit of an idea as to what your style is. If you are the relaxed and down-to-earth type then an unfussy and rustic side table and a vintage light might be your way of showing guests what they can expect from your home. If your style is glam and sleek a glass sconce aside a gorgeous gilt mirror might be a good choice to express who you are. Have fun decorating this space in a way that is not only inviting but uniquely you.

Practically Perfect

Shelves, hooks, taps and perhaps a few cupboards to hide away all the family's dirty clothes are just some considerations when planning a laundry renovation or update. You may also want to integrate an ironing station that can be stowed away when not in use, or a shoe rack, which is a great feature for keeping shoes and umbrellas in tidy order. When choosing materials for tiling, tapware and basins, put functionality first but explore the wide range of products available to add a touch of style to the laundry. If you have a small space in the bathroom for your washing machine, then consider incorporating a shelf on top of the machine or concealing it in a cupboard to make it look more attractive and possible create a space for your toiletries.

Milan Direct Making an Entrance

Leave Your Worries Behind

The entrance is the place where you shake off that winter coat and wet brolly, put the bills in the hall drawer and pop your keys on the hook. It's the place where you leave the worries and stress of the working day at the door and, hopefully, enter a place of comfort and relaxation. It's a good idea, then, to provide the vessels, hooks and other storage spaces necessary for everything to have its place. Baskets for boots and umbrellas, a coatrack, and a bowl for spare change are all great additions to your entryway.

Let There Be Light

A well-lit entrance is a must for when you are fumbling for the car keys or touching up your lipstick in the hall mirror on the way out the door. There are many beautiful and efficient lighting options for this space: a couple of sconces either side of a mirror or canvas is a stunning combination and allows more space on the sideboard for extra bits and bobs. A stylish desk lamp is also perfect for this space – especially one that has a sensor for when you enter the house.

Milan Direct Making an Entrance

The Finishing Touch

Even though it's a high-traffic area that needs to be functional, your home's entrance doesn't have to feel utilitarian. Taking time to create a vignette of flowers and small trinkets is a lovely way of showing that you take pride in your surroundings and that you understand that function and style are not totally separate things! Take a little time each week to sweep the floor by the door, rearrange the hats and scarves and burn a scented candle to fill your home with a wonderful and inviting aroma.

Get the look . . .

  • Add a little something of yourself to the entrance of your home to let guests know what to expect as they walk into your lovely abode.
  • Ensure you have enough drawers, pots, hooks and tubs for all family members' keys, hats, coats and umbrellas.
  • Good lighting is essential for an inviting entrance. Choose a stylish lamp or sconce to illuminate this space.
  • Practical spaces do not have to be void of style and that personal touch. A little re-organising and cleaning of this space, a bunch of flowers and a scented candle go a long way to creating a beautiful and welcoming feel.

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Written by:

Katie Evans – Milan Direct