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Leather is luxurious: earthy and warm; and with a patina that is both extremely tactile and durable. If you are contemplating adding some leather to your décor but have concerns about it looking a little too cold or masculine, rest assured there are many more options out there than you could ever imagine. Leather comes in a variety of colours and textures, and there are also some terrific faux leather fabrics that look completely authentic. With a little guidance on what to choose and where to place your leather homewares and furniture, you can create a look that is both striking, comfortable, and as far away from a hunting den as you can get!



Up, Down and All Around


These days, leather is used in so many ways and for so many different homewares. Leather is being crafted into plant holders, picture frames, doorstops, bedheads and even lampshades. Think beyond leather furniture and you will discover a whole new way to incorporate leather into your home. A cowhide rug, some ornaments or boxes in beautifully textured ostrich leather or a desk with a beautiful display of leather stationary - there are so many ways, big and small, to introduce leather to your decorating style.


Faking It


With luxury comes expense and it's no secret that leather is a little pricier than other materials. But rest assured you will be getting your money's worth if you decide to invest in a real leather lounge suite, which is likely to last a lifetime and will age beautifully. But if you simply can't afford leather, don't despair. There are some fantastic faux-leather fabrics that are almost identical to the real thing, and in some cases are maybe even a better option - if you are looking for kid-proof surfaces for your energetic family then vinyl with a leather look is perfect. And if you look after your faux leather furnishings they will still last for years.


Colour Burst


Brown is beautiful but so is red, and black, and green . . . Due to its porous nature, leather can be dyed almost any colour. Depending on its base tone, you can get some pretty vibrant hues, which means great news for decorators. If you love the earthy tones of natural leather then you will not be disappointed by the lovely browns and honey coloured shades available; but if bright and bold is your thing then leather will not disappoint!



Get the look…

• Leather isn't just for the lounge room. Leather is used in a number of ways for many different homewares. Keep a lookout for decorative items in this fabulous material.

• There's nothing wrong with faking it! If that leather couch is way out of your budget, explore some faux alternatives and get the look of leather without the hefty price tag.

• If you think leather is only black and brown, think again. Leather comes in just about any colour and also a range of textures to suit all tastes.


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Written by:

Katie Evans - Milan Direct