Making a statement is integral to Industrial style and an essential element of any home that will keep you inspired and motivated. Inspired by bygone eras, Industrial-style is all about giving traditional a new ease of life. Worn-out, shabby finishes and furniture that have seen better days are a testament to the natural beauty of life. Furthermore, period pieces add interest and charisma to an atmosphere - evoking a cool sense of character that celebrates the archaic in all its unique, tattered glory.


Modern industrial


A few carefully considered Industrial style pieces curated together in the home form a nod to Industrial style without slavishly following the look. Industrial furniture pieces are contemporary, wherever you choose to feature them – kitchen, living room or dining space. Setting aside a space in your home for the rustic and timeworn is the big trend of the moment, so get cosy with an Industrial style piece that herald in modest materials. This season is brimming in antiquity times and the seasonal turning of the leaves means you can get cosy with a palette of rustic textures and tempering neutrals.


Demanding attention


Indulge in a selection of soft-to-touch ottomans in a variety of colours and weaves to create a seriously on trend industrial look. Purists can layer multiple tones and textures; think felt with linen or suede, hessian with jute or rich velvet. Add impact by using ottomans as side tables or bed-ends. For best results layer fabrics and mix cushions with contrasting bold prints, to promote purposeful power gazing. Classic industrial pieces and cool vintage ottomans add to the glamour of an Industrial décor story.


Grown up shades


Gone are the days of sugar tone pinks and pastel colour palettes. The Industrial colour trend focuses on blocks of colour in rich slate blues, deep plums and soothing neutrals. Seek out dramatic and unusual contrasting colours in these colour groups and juxtapose shiny metallic elements like brass, tin or copper for dexterous sophistication. The result is as dramatic as Aladdin’s treasure trove, without being overly saccharine.


Inherent traits


Trust your instinct and only buy items that attract you from the start. Whether you wish to layer colourful cushions and textures on beds or sofas, dress a coffee table with wonderful paraphernalia or turn a boring shelf into awe-inspiring shrine of treasures - warming up an area with an item or cluster of things you love will always invite eye gazing attention.



Get the look…

• Combine rich colours that add drama such as slate and oxford blues, deep plums and reds with tempering neutrals and dove greys to create a rich palette.

• Look out for distinctive vintage items and collectibles that add a decorative touch and develop the Industrial statement.

• Work some glamour alchemy by mixing tactile materials over Industrial ottomans for a layered, comfy feel.

• Add a dash of eye-stealing metallic that shimmers in the light. Chrome, copper, brass and rustic tin all work well here.

• Place emphasis on the archaic and timeworn, mix different shades of textures and materials together to consolidate the look and keep it harmonized to avoid overload.


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Image Sources:

#1 –Lotta Agaton

#2 –Puredeco


Written by:

Bec Bardoel - Milan Direct