Prepare your dining space for the Industrial revival. Bring back the abandoned and rustic to create a backdrop that will make you smile and add welcome warmth and practicality.


Recipe for success


Gone are the days of formal dining. Nowadays pared-­‐back simplicity and open plan living capitalizes as a multi-­‐function purpose space. Function, personality and good design are the three key ingredients that bring a dining area to life. Ultimately you want to create a space that gravitates a sense of linger and gathering, whilst simultaneously serving a purpose. Start to think about your priorities, for instance; do you want to use it everyday? Will you need to accommodate for both formal and everyday occasions? Will your dining room be open to the kitchen area? How many people will you need to seat? Dining is dependent on the space available so it is crucial to plan ahead and work out your personal priorities, then plan your space around them.


Material Importance


The materials you choose for your dining area are vital to the longevity and function of the room. Utilitarian dining often co-exists in the kitchen space, so it is important to think about which materials and latest looks fit into this desired scheme. Industrial steel, concrete and cleverly fused woods exude confidence and style in a utilitarian dining area. Minimalism is a crucial element when devising a utilitarian dining space. Rather than placing emphasis on the decorative details, let the materials and structure of the dining space reign supreme. This ensures the focus is on the architectural aesthetics and crispness that affords for a relaxing and super cool utilitarian dining space.


Say Cheese


Set the scene for an Industrial style dining space and include old-­‐school tables in chunky wood, chrome or steel. When searching for a dining table, consider size, material and style that will knead happily in your home, so invest time in finding the right shape and style table, as well as comfortable dining chairs. The type of material you choose for your table will be dependent upon its durability and purpose for your home. Natural materials, such as wood, are perfect hardwearing surfaces and are making a big comeback in dining tables. Square or rectangle worktop benches and trestle tables serve to open up a space and can also be used for multiple functions such as a working or dining area. For a monochromatic, industrial look that mixes texture and shiny metallic, add chairs that mimic mid century modern style but with a rustic edge. Dining industrial means providing a fresh take on bygone and playing with modern to create a sleek atmosphere.



Get the look…

• Consider the size, purpose and function of a dining table before buying so that it satisfies the specific needs of your household.

• Measure the space of the room available. If you have a large area, consider a long rectangular table that can entertain big gatherings. Alternatively, rounded tables work best in compact spaces.

• The purpose and function of a table will be dependent on material durability. Natural materials such as wood or stone are great hardwearing surfaces for longevity.

• Decorative lighting makes all the difference to a dining space. Add drama with statement piece pendants, dimmers, or industrial style lights to add a welcoming feel to a room.

• Open plan living and dining capitalizes on a multi-­‐function purpose space. Consider installing room dividers to block off zones.


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